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Livin' Lovin' Life by Kat Bourne

28 pages. Buy Livin' Lovin' Life at $8.95 plus $2.00 shipping. Additional books $8.95 each plus $1.00 shipping. 

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Livin' Lovin' Life is a compilation of poems and prose touching on subjects of love, family and life. Color photographs accompany some of the pieces.


Brown Eyes

My palm against my son’s palm

Skin touching skin hand to hand

His fingers now outstretch mine

No longer a little boy

Not quite a man

Brown eyes brown eyes

Looking at him I see

The love of my life

With brown eyes like honey

I’m standing next to him

His shoulders now even with mine

I think of when I held him

In my arms for the very first time...

Ocean Love

As the tide ebbs, it washes away scattered memories of you and

everything that might remind me of you,

relieving me of a terrible burden; a heavy load which tends to slow me down...

Topeka and Jordan

In her inner city project bedroom Topeka Washington sprays on Channel No. 5 perfume.

She tosses her freshly done auburn human hair weave and applies

a third coat of fire-engine red lipstick to her full lips.

Topeka smiles at her reflection in the mirror and says,

“You go, girl! 40 years old and ya still got it goin; on .”

Topeka leaves her room, knocks twice and opens the bedroom door of Jordan Washington, 13,

who’s doing his homework: an essay on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, geometry,

and a science fair project that’s due in several weeks...

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