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Brown Eyes


 Short Fiction Bits  Snippets of prose reflecting on life in America.


Z is for Love    by Juanita Morgan Osborne. Read about eleven-year-old Katrina, her friends and family. Narrated by Katrina, this is a sweet modern story with old fashioned elements. (Fiction. Age 9 to 13. Black and white illustrations).

 In a Dream by Kat Bourne. Harry Martin is a handsome, successful attorney who was able to overcome a difficult childhood and become a man with a great career, loving wife and children, and great friends. When he receives an unexpected phone call from a long lost relative, he expects the worst.  Harry's, his family's and their friends' lives are affected (directly and indirectly) in ways that they never could have imagined.

Books by Juanita Morgan Osborne

 Hurr-ee Hurr-ee Hurricane   A sweet story about a little girl who prepares for a hurricane with her family. Children can learn about what happens before a hurricane as well as color the illustrations in the book. (Fiction. Illustrated coloring book.  Ages 6 and above). 

 Mommy    An adorable book about a little boy who misses his mother and wonders where she is when she's away from home. This is a nice book to be read to youngsters at bedtime or any time.  (Read out loud book. Age toddlers and older).  

Pete the Piano   Pete comes alive when he and Jarrell are alone, but to others Pete is a plain ole piano. Read about Jarrell and his friends and their magical instruments, (Fiction. Color Illustrations. Multicultural and appropriate for any age).

Star of Bethlehem   This colorful version of Jesus' birth would make a lovely gift.  It is also a special book to read and share during the Christmas season. (Color illustrations).

Scruffy  The inspiring story of a woman overcoming many life obstacles to become an acclaimed ballerina.

Books by Kat Bourne 

Riding out the Storm   This is a coming of age novel about 12 year old Marissa Martin. Through a silent voice she begins hearing in her head, Marissa learns that the world and the people in it are more than what meet the eye.(Fiction.  Age 9 to 13).  

Stepping Out  Poetry and Prose.

Henry Grumpf      Henry is a homeless loner but this book reveals that he's more than that. A heartwarming book about random acts of kindness. (For ages middle school and up).  

Eloise Reese     Ms. Eloise is a woman who is content to live life alone with her material possessions and animals.  One day one of her pets goes missing and this becomes a moment that changes Eloise's life.

The Shirt    Read about The Shirt as it goes from one boy to the next - 4 boys in all. A cute story about boyhood fun and sharing. (Fiction. Age 6-8. Color illustrations and photographsMulticultural).

Peace Out    View photos of quiet moments in nature and life. (Appropriate for any age). 

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