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Butterfly©    (Poem) by Kat Bourne

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You’re looking at your reflection in a mirror

Which like an image in a circus’ funhouse glass

Is distorted and unreal

You despise what you see

But it is your own mind

That creates something warped and fuzzy

Unfairly you begin to dissect yourself

Down to each and every piece

You criticize your eyes, your mouth,

Your body, nose, legs even your knees

If your eyes were taking in what was real

The reflection that they’d view

Is something extraordinary, fantastic, amazing, original, gorgeous

Your eyes would see the truth

You are like a caterpillar

That exits an egg and gently crawls along

Leaves and twigs feeling its way around

And exploring its new world

For you there will come a day when you wake up

And realize you’re an exquisite, beautiful girl

In this stage of your life

It is commanded that you

Compliment each and every feature

Each and every day

Because all of them put together

Make up your wonderful body and face

A moment will occur when

You will go into yourself like a cocoon and

Inside your soul a process will take place

You will begin to grow

Begin to love yourself and soon

A stronger you you will come to know

And like a butterfly that emerges

From its shell in colorful glory

Flapping it wings proudly and

So freely in the wind

You will learn to appreciate

The glorious body and skin you’re in

On that particular day

When you look in the mirror

And stare back at the girl in the glass

You’re going to love what you see

You will wrap your arms around yourself

And shout out loud it’s great to be me.


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