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Children's coloring is complete of the easiest and most affordable ways to spend time with intrigue and benefit. This vocation is becoming instead of toddlers from 1.5 years old. So what's the pour down the drain of coloring books?

Painting a incontrovertible against, easy or different to himself, the stripling replenishes his knowledge on every side the frame, color of this object, develops observation. At earliest, in the double, both the sun may shift effectively to be grassland and the crocodile orange. This is normal: the newborn learns the world, transfers it to a plate of credentials, distressing to recreate colors. Past these actions, he expands his horizons. Therefore, to about with, decide objects sociable to the tot: a ball, an apple, a pear, a flexuous kickshaw, etc.

When coloring, quality motor skills of the hands develops, which is directly connected to the situation of the newborn's philosophical, as superbly as the triumph of mastering article skills. At beginning, coloring should not bridle too multifarious secondary details. This resolution tolerate the child to focus on each phenomenon separately.

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Jose L. Ortiz

I just met Juanita Osborne a few days ago and she told me to be a children's books writer. I can see that she is more than that, because she has several books already published

Kathy Johnsom

Hi Goddy,

I am so proud of you. You have always been an inspirtion to me and now you are inspiring others. As I read Wrath of Africa I could picture what was happening. The website is great and I will be passing it on to my friends. I want to be like you and you have shown me all things are possible. Love you much

and keep on doing what you are doing.

Michael Welch

Very much impressed with your work. Would be interested in you taking a look at some of what I have to offer for publication. Thanks for opening the door and allowing me this glimpse of the spirit within that the words paint into a vibrant tapestry of thee. All the best.

Paula Belle-Wilkes

Thanks for connecting with me. Beautiful written books!

B. Frazier

It was very nice meeting you both at the book signing today.

Much success to you in your future endeavors.

Linda Roberts Bowles

I think your website is impressive. You have a great collection of children's books and poems. Keep it up!

Lillie Mobley

Thanks for you for the wonderful message you left meon my web site. I can say the same thing for your web page and your books, they are wonderful, praying that God bless you to be able to go all over the world and let your work be known, hope to see you at the book signing at the Dania Library in June, may God continue to bless you is my prayer.


Oh my goodness, this is way too cute!!! I really do love your website.

Keep up the excellent work.


Sharon Pounds Clarke

Hello Ms. Juanita;

The website, books and soothing accompanying music is just amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts of writing and illustrating the books that our children can identify with.

Arthur Dodge

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Arthur Dodge

Sandra Russell

Juanita, I can't tell you how proud I am of you for such amazing work! Mommy and Wrath of Africa, starring Tyler. It's astounding. I love the writing and I love the drawings. Should I buy the books from this site or from you directly?

Hattie Hogue

Hi Juanita,

I think your website is impressive. You have a great collection of children's books and poems. Love you and keep it up!


Herb Ingraham

Wonderful Website, I will share it with others.


Haven't been here in a while. It still looks real good.

Love you guys and keep up the good work.

monique h.


i love the stories alot they are very good.: )

Very nice site!

Very nice site!

Patricia Parker

Howdy guys. This is Pat. Ms. Nita you are so talented. Please forgive me, I was so Xhuasted last nite that I came home and showered. I just got up with a cup of java in tow, on my computer. Trine as well is so gifted and talented @ the same time. I wish you guys all the best in this endeavor. In closing, I hear it's lonely @ the top, so don't forget a sista. Lol. Love you guys!!!!!!!! My best to all. Also, I do indeed have a 18month old Grandaughter. Her name is JaNiyah. We call her Niyah for short. She is visiting Jamaica for the summer. I would be more than happy to patronize my folks from Hallandale. When she get's back I will have her pick a book from your website. Okay. Adios, my talented sistas.............


Charmaine Reliford

Hi Mrs.Osborne i met you in eagle's wings and you told me to check out your book website !!! I read a little from your book "Riding out the Storm" the book for me it's really interesting; from my point of view it focus on real world problems amongst some kids in this day and time. Yet i feel that its understanding for people my age and also younger kids. As i read the book my little cousin also joined in and read the book; she said she thinks you mastered the concept of how kids of certain ages act when they have to babysit siblings or family members and also deal with problems within your parents marriage !!!! i commend you and your outstanding collections of books. i really like the first chapter of this book i would totally buy your books !

Joe Baker

Interesting site; nice background music. What is your untimate goal for this site? Do you have aspirations to grow this site as some kind of e-business or is it just an e-hobby?


The site looks and sounds amazing.

Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Love ya

Pamela Nuby Gaines

Trina You have a talent, let God use you to the fullest .Be patient. ,success is a journey.


Way to go....Trina!

Your hard work has shown its result.

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor.



Still looking good. Keep your head up!!!

Love ya,



great job auntie trina


Laurette: Two thumbs way up!!


I like it. I do believe that we are on the right track!!!

I believe in you.



great job auntie trina

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