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Short Fiction Bits


Bounce, bounce, bounce, swoosh!

“Senior, Lavarius Jones, has just scored a three pointer, making his high school state champs!” the sportscaster exclaimed. “Lavarius has received several great offers from colleges around the state and country. He has accepted a full academic and sports scholarship to join the Florida State Seminoles.”


Pop, pop, pop!

“Lavarion Jones, twin brother of Lavarius Jones, MVP of the state high school basketball championships, has been shot during an apparent brawl between rival gangs,” the news anchor announced. “Lavarion has been allegedly identified as a member of one of the gangs; he has been previously arrested several times. He is expected to survive but it will take months of rehabilitation for him to recover from his injuries. Sources say prior to leaving school during his sophomore year Lavarion had been attending the performing arts high school where he excelled in vocals and classical piano. Police Captain Richard Jones, the twins’ father, has indicated that he will issue a verbal statement shortly.”

Identical twins.

Different roads.

All American Girl

Sally Stone with blond hair

Gorgeous baby blue eyes

Her daddy’s princess

Cheerleader and tennis star




Bored -

she met up with the wrong dude

at a dark club.

He introduced her

to a new, exciting, dangerous world

and took her to a place where

she became unrecognizable

even to herself.

Victoria and Jordan

In her inner city project bedroom Victoria Washington sprays on Channel No. 5 perfume. She tosses her freshly done auburn human hair weave and applies a third coat of fire-engine red lipstick to her full lips.”

Victoria smiles at her reflection in the mirror and says, “You go, girl! 40 years old and ya still got it goin’ on!”

Victoria exits her room, knocks twice and opens the bedroom door of Jordan Washington, 13, who’s doing his homework: an essay on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, geometry, and a science fair project that’s due in several weeks.

Jordan’s eyes move from his computer screen to the mirror attached to his desk. He sees his mother dressed in a shiny leopard print mini skirt, halter top and very high heeled shoes. He waits for her to speak.

“Ladies night at the Twilight,” sings Victoria. She steps toward her son and kisses him on the cheek.

“Hey handsome!” she says. “Probably won’t be up when you leave for school in the mornin’ so leave a note on the frig of what you want for dinner. Gon get me some shut eye before I head off to my evenin’ shift at the hospital tomorrow night. But right now I’m steppin’ out to have a lil bit of fun off on my night off.” 

She peers through a telescope in Jordan’s room which is pointed toward a window. “Can’t really see too much from here with this telescope,” she says. “I think it’s time for us to go check out that awesome moon and stars again with this thing. It’s been a while since we’ve gone over to the beach to look at the sky. The next time I have a night off and you don’t have school the next day we’ll do that. Get somethin’ to eat, see a movie and then check out the moon and stars. Lata Gata! Love ya, Jordie!” She pats him on the head and hugs him.

“Yeah, that stuff sounds good,” says Jordan. “Love you, too.”

Jordan hears the front door click open and then close. “Moms,” he sighs and resumes his homework.

The names and events in the above pieces are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

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