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Z is for Love by Juanita Morgan Osborne

 146 pages

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Chapter 1

        ?And now, parents, teachers, students, and friends?, Mr. Arnold, our principal was saying, I take great pride in introducing our young man of the hour, Master Zackary James Thomas.?

Clapping, whistling, and stomping was coming from everywhere.

Zack stood up acting like he was used to all this kind of stuff, straightening his shoulders and checking hisself out, trying to act like he wasn?t checking hisself.

Mr. Arnold, justa grinning all through his ears and all, had to drew up closer to the microphone and call Zack again ?Zackary, come on down, Son.?

Zack went up on the stage and shook Mr. Arnold?s hand real firm and sure, just like a real little man.

Then he went and took his place on the X beside Mrs. Winthrope. They looked kind of just alike. Mrs. Winthrope wore a red velvet dress and combs that sprouted like spiriting roses in her hair {her combs always matched her dresses), and Zack was (dead clean) from his shiny black shoes to his red velvet suit and matching tie. Ummm Zack! A RED VELVET SUIT! Ummmm, ALL HANDS OFF ZACK!

Even their marks were just alike except that Mrs. Winthrope had hers on her leg and hers was rose red and Zack?s was on his face and his was pecan brown, But the two was both zaggedly, alike. Seeing the two of them standing together there that way took my mind back some to some time ago. ??????

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